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Long-Standing Partnership

Madison Concrete is a long-term client of Graham Company. When we began working with Madison on safety initiatives in 2015, the company was already established as a leader in the construction industry having worked on landmark projects such as Lincoln Financial Field and The National Constitution Center. In addition, Madison was a trusted partner for renowned brands and institutions like Merck and Princeton University.

Like all great companies, Madison’s success has been fueled by a focus on constant improvement, and they looked to Graham to lead a complete overhaul of its safety program.

Building Buy-In Across the Organization

To effectively launch Kairos Safety Commitment Program, our team met regularly with Madison’s executive leadership to customize the program’s components to their specific needs. In parallel, Graham surveyed Madison employees about its current safety procedures, helping us to determine the company’s strengths and areas of improvement to inform where we should focus our efforts. The result was an innovative safety program built with the insights of the entire company, from top to bottom.

Madison then formed a Field Leadership Team comprised of ownership, top office management and field leaders. Teamwork is a key component of the Kairos Safety Commitment Program, so this step was critical. This team met frequently in the beginning of the process to learn about the program and serve as go-to resources for the larger company. They now meet once a month to discuss safety issues and collaboratively work through solutions, looping in the full team where appropriate.

Establishing a Gold Standard
Safety Program

Utilizing our industry-leading Kairos Safety Commitment Program, we embarked on an intensive study of Madison’s existing safety programs and procedures, crafting a custom-tailored program designed to shift the focus from compliance to fostering a holistic safety culture that transcends every aspect of their operations.

The Kairos Safety Commitment Program empowers our clients in high-risk industries to establish a culture of safety that aims for all employees working safely all the time. The program, which was established in tandem with a behavioral psychologist, identifies sustainable and effective means to improve the safety performance of organizations. By establishing a culture of safety, the program goes beyond mere compliance to make safety an integral part of daily activities where employees at every level are wholly committed to improving safety operations for the benefit of all.

Keeping the Momentum Going

While working in construction is innately a higher risk occupation, we continue to support Madison by taking measures to prevent undesired outcomes with a hands-on approach that is second to none. This includes putting in a process to learn from incidents that occur by identifying the root cause in order to prevent it from happening in the future. Taking that a step further, new employees and supervisors are trained to shift their mindset to be more proactive in response to potential jobsite risks.

As Madison experienced rapid employee growth throughout 2021 with projects ramping back up post-pandemic, this became even more vital in order to train the next generation of leaders on the company’s safety culture and the importance of driving home this message to their teams day in and day out. This is something we will continue to foster throughout the evolution of their organization.

Over the years, our team’s personal level of service and safety expertise has naturally led to us becoming merely an extension of the Madison team. They know that we are just a phone call or text message away to advise on Occupational Safety and Health Administration best practices, incident management or to jump in where needed. We pride ourselves in being true partners on Madison’s safety journey.

Success in Numbers

To measure the success of Graham’s unique partnership with Madison, we constantly analyze safety and claims data, looking for ways to refine and continuously improve our processes. To date, together we have significantly improved safety metrics and driven millions of dollars in operating savings.

Even more than just from a statistical standpoint, Madison has experienced strengthened relationships among team members and an understanding that above everything else, leadership cares about employees – their wellbeing, their families and their aspirations.

Loss Rates Declined by

Claims Frequency per $100,000 of Payroll Down

“Since we began our partnership with Graham Company, we’ve experienced a substantial reduction in incident rates on our jobsites, realizing our initial goal of improving our safety program and minimizing injuries and accidents. Simply put, they have helped us become a better company and it has transformed our safety and company culture.”



Madison Concrete

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