April 20, 2018

CannaBiz: The Effects of Marijuana on Your Business

The legalization of medical cannabis is creating a myriad of questions and concerns for businesses and the insurance industry alike.  Employers for decades have relied upon drug testing policies as a critical element of their hiring practices and as a cornerstone of their corporate safety programs.  Now, almost every state in the country has laws dealing with the legal use of medical cannabis, but it still remains illegal under federal law.  Employers are faced with the scary dilemma of complying with divergent federal and state laws.

The Graham Company’s Spring Risk Forum, CannaBiz: The Effects of Marijuana on Your Business, has assembled a group of experts to answer all of your questions to help deal with this emerging issue.  The Forum will begin with a presentation focusing on the business side of the medical cannabis industry.  This unique perspective will help you better understand where the medical cannabis industry is heading and what you can expect to see from your employees in terms of medical cannabis usage in the near future.  The Forum will then focus on the specific Business Practices and Policies impacted by the legalization of medical cannabis.  This panel will consist of experts on drug testing, OSHA regulations and insurance carriers’ perspective on safety and Workers Compensation Coverage.   Next, The Graham Company’s Employee Benefit specialists will provide an update on how group medical plans deal with legally prescribed medical cannabis.  Lastly, a panel of experts – a prominent Employer Practice Liability attorney, a representative from EEOC and a claims expert – will  dive into the unique exposures and liabilities created by medical cannabis usage in the workplace and provide guidance on how to prevent and manage claims. 

Please join us for this half day Forum to help steer your company through the uncertainty and confusion of how medical cannabis will affect your business.

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Yards Brewery
500 Spring Garden St
Philadelphia, PA, 19123
United States


9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


April 20, 2018

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