Lisa Bierer

Business Development Executive

In 2022, Lisa joined Graham Co, a leading risk management and insurance brokerage firm. In her current role, Lisa works closely with clients to develop and implement risk management programs that help them achieve their business goals while reducing their exposure to risk. She also helps clients navigate the insurance market to ensure that they receive the best possible coverage and terms.

Prior to joining Graham Co, Lisa had over 12 years of industry experience helping organizations minimize risks and prevent workplace accidents as a consultant for safety services and equipment. She has a deep understanding of the complexities of safety regulations. Has successfully helped several large companies with diverse industries such as construction, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Lisa is passionate about helping organizations create safe and healthy workplaces for their employees. She believes that by working collaboratively with clients and other stakeholders, it is possible to create a culture of safety that benefits everyone.

Lisa holds a Bachelor's degree in from University of Baltimore. When she wants to unwind from work she loves watching her kids sports; lacrosse, wrestling, football and cheer keep her personal time very busy. Traveling a seeing the world gives her a sense of peace.  


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